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        直至世界盡頭 To The Ends of The Earth

        劇情 歐美  英國  2005 



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        《直至世界盡頭 To The Ends of The Earth》 - 直至世界盡頭 電視劇The ship has been stuck in the doldrums for some time, but as soon as they break free into more promising water, the wind blows up suddenly, damaging the foremast and sending the ship right back into the still water. Mr Prettiman takes a hard fall and is laid up in his cabin, Miss Granham tends to him and the two announce their engagement.                                                                    A ship is sighted in the distance. As everyone prepares for the encounter with the enemy Edmund hits his head. He is badly hurt, but struggles on. The ships draw close, but instead of bringing an encounter with the enemy, it is The Alcyone, a British ship captained by Sir Henry Somerset, they announce that the war is over.                                                                    The two boats are tied together for a ball. Edmund meets Sir Henry's ward, Marion, and immediately falls in love. But his head injury takes its toll and he falls unconcious just as he was going to beg for her hand. After some days he finally recovers, but the two ships have parted and Marion is gone.                                                                    Edmund's servant Wheeler was on board the Alcyone. He had spent four days in the water after going overboard and had finally been spotted, rescued by the crew and eventually returned to the original ship. As they sail on, there is yet more damage as part of the keel falls from the ship. The passengers start to panic, convinced it will sink. Edmund finds Wheeler in his cabin with a gun, after his last scrape with death he is terrified of drowning, and he shoots himself.                                                                    一個有點可笑的年輕人在探索世界的同時自己也得到了成長。